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Sep 29, 2012 8:00pm EDT
and barack obama it and other people have tried to harness the power of the internet to what extent they could but i think there is a reason why say didn't make an music video about howard dean. it wouldn't quite be the same. also at the very heart of it, this is sort of a dangerous proposition. it seems very fun and happy and oh my god its punching easter bunny but when you apply this kind of thing to the presidency nothing other film is subject to the presidential records act so every scrap of everything and every time you swear because you're mad about something it's all in there. so i think at the very heart, that very thing you have to understand is unless everyone from the senior advisers down to the candidates and the president himself were in anyway nervous about this it would have been shut down. the simple fact is the number of questions people ask me like that's what they are asking is he the same on and off camera turns out to be the case. this is just to the guy is and i think it's why it's hard to throw him off or you see a lot of this in his campaign and you
Sep 26, 2012 12:00pm EDT
, obama campaign manager put out a video saying that the koch super pacs was attacking the obama campaign. they talked about a secret money during the ama. obama talked about super -- secret super pacs money, and allow the press coverage has also may not make distinctions in terminology and in meaning. do you think that politicians and the press corps should be held to a higher level and that? do you see hope that, you know, the fact checking of those terms will be happening or is this the definition of a word that was coined, just shifting of the debate? >> well, i think it is obviously important to distinguish between the two. in part because if you don't distinguish between the two and make a point of saying, you know, more than half the spending or however much it is is coming from groups that don't disclose their donors. the demand for disclosure is not going to grow, and we are not going to be able to get anything out of the policy-makers in terms of greater transparency in the system. >> but. >> point about a different kind of labeling. journalism, as it was covering the primaries
Sep 26, 2012 9:00am EDT
, and that kathleen mentioned in the survey, the claim that obama has gutted welfare reform and has, i'm sure you've seen that ad, that all three of us, all four of us i think have debunked. so i want to play a little short video as an example of, about this and talk a little bit about why i do think we will hear. here we go. >> so this is a video from -- >> i will be the first to publicly say i was wrong, ms. coppola. because my objective is for people to know the facts and the truth on all of the stuff. >> you know what you should do? let me tell you what you should do. you should go on some kind of a truth tour. [laughter] spend as a matter fact i already have one plan. >> what do? that sounds crazy? what's it called? >> it's called the truth tour las.[laughter] >> is called a truth tour. was a going to to go? >> thirty states and three events a day. >> all right, this is from politifact. [cheers and applause] >> politifact checked a romney campaign and claim that obama ended welfare work requirements earlier this month. rating it pants on fire. [laughter] that i believe is one of, i don't kno
Oct 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
division this morning about whether or not this videotape that appeared overnight. >> the video that we heard nothing about. >> that was a newsworthy issue, vigorous debate with passionate views on both sides in a divided newsroom. anybody in our newsroom arguing know you got it wrong, obama won? >> i did hear that argument and we are talking about instant analysis and we have seen times in the past where the instant analysis is just wrong. we'll think it's one way but the voters decided after the polls began to comment here says history about winning the debate so will be interesting to see what the first poll show for tonight we are hearing a pretty consistent view within our newsroom and that's what the twitterverse such such visit is that this was a good night for mitt romney. >> what will the stories they tomorrow? >> his view is the same that we are talking about. the president is rusty. he has not done this for a long time and he was shaking off the rest. >> you are wired into the romney campaign as any reporter in the country. we have done a lot of reporting about infighting ins
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4